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Contest Time
by Yukie | Sunday, 06 January 2013

We're having a member drive contest! All members registered between January 6, 2013 and February 28, 2013 will be entered into a random draw and one lucky winner will receive a fully coloured commission (+/- background and up to 2 characters) drawn by me. 

Remember, registration/membership is completely free.

We're working hard here.
by Yukie | Friday, 04 January 2013

Hello my lovelies. Today, we have two goodies to offer you!

  1. 5.2 - Chest tutorial. Boobs not included. Yet. 
  2. Interview with JasmineAlexandra by seprisite


Happy New Year!
by Yukie | Wednesday, 02 January 2013

Happy New Year everyone! The site migration to Joomla is complete. 

We have two new staff members on board in the new year: seprisite (Global Mod) and Super Sachiko (External Relations)

We also have a new forum catering to artists looking for a place to chat, receive critiques, show off their drawings and projects, and improve! If you're interested, you can register by clicking on the Lockon chibi on the right bottom corner. Registering will also give you access to our Ask an Art Tutor feature, in which you can ask any art-related question, submit drawing exercises for help or evaluation, ask for art critiques, etc.

To Joomla and Beyond!
by Yukie | Thursday, 20 December 2012

Please stand by as I switch all the content over to Joomla. 

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